Customer Experience is the New Black

The key to Revenue Generation in the 21st Century

“By 2020, Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”
‒ Customer 2020 Report

In today’s highly competitive world the challenge dealers face to attract, retain, and grow their customer base can seem daunting. Customers are more demanding and more educated than ever, and they are unwilling to remain loyal to an organization based on brand, product, or price alone. Customer satisfaction is no longer the goal. Providing your customers with an experience greater than their expectations is critical in winning the battle for customer loyalty and all that it defines.

The Wilson Learning webinar for dealers will:
• Examine how vulnerable customer loyalty may be for the dealership, and the advantages of deeply engaged customer experiences

• Understand the equation for creating customer experiences that build trust in your dealership and the products and services you offer today.

• Discover 4 key areas that dealers must address to have the greatest impact on enhanced value, customer loyalty, and increased revenue opportunities.