Consumers rely on reviews for virtually all of their purchasing decisions, so much so that they won’t even consider working with businesses who have negative (or absent) online reputations. In fact, 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions, and businesses can lose as much as 22% of their customers when just one negative article is found by users online. 

Yet, despite this and the fact that most companies understand why reviews are important, only 1 in 5 businesses are considering adding reviews into the marketing mix. That said, leading dealerships recognize the importance of reviews for all aspects of business, and so the adoption of reputation management is at least trending in the right direction.

Why focus on your reputation?

Enable your customers to share their experiences


With SATISFYD’s Online Reviews solution, you can now collect and leverage online reviews, allowing you to gain valuable feedback, improve SEO and build social proof around the performance of your business.

Let your customers do the talking for you by inviting them to easily write reviews and share their experiences online. 

With SATISFYD Reviews, you can:

Collect reviews easily and consistently

Set up automated, multi-channel review acquisition campaigns via email, text message and print

Spread the word

Empower your customers to easily share their reviews to multiple online review sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and more

Monitor and respond

Set up new review alerts and proactively manage and respond to feedback from one centralized portal

Analyze your performance

Generate and automatically deliver custom reports such as overall reputation, reviews by site, sentiment analysis and word clouds and more

Leverage positive reviews as content

Share reviews on your website and social platforms to showcase your customers’ positive experiences