SATISFYD’s Referral Partner Program (RPP)

SATISFYD’s Customer and employee experience solutions help organizations improve customer retention, profitability, and employee engagement. Learn more about our solutions here.

The SATISFYD RPP offers the opportunity to provide real value and ROI for your industry colleagues and customers. Think our solution is a great fit for someone you know? Refer them to us and get 10% commission on the sale – Everybody wins!

Who Is Right for the SATISFYD Referral Partner Program?

  • Individuals that can provide a professional recommendation to another business
  • Consultants, sales trainers, solution providers, or anyone who works closely with leadership
  • Individuals who work with customers that do not have a great process for measuring customer and employee experience

How the Program Works


We’ll set you up with a SATISFYD account manager who will walk you through a personal demonstration of SATISFYD, and educate you on how best to identify businesses that would benefit from SATISFYD.

Stay in the Loop

As a referral partner, you’ll also receive updates on all our latest features, alerts on any SATISFYD publications, and additional marketing collateral as it’s updated and created.

We are here to Help

Our goal is to ensure you don’t incur any costs. We’ll cover any agreed-upon costs associated with your participation as a referral partner – no questions asked.

How You Get Paid

When you identify a customer to refer to us, simply email and we will confirm with
you that they are not already engaged with SATISFYD in the sales process.

SATISFYD will then follow-up with that new prospect immediately. Note: We’ll only pay commissions out on new referrals that not currently assigned to a sales rep. Once the prospect you refer becomes a customer, you’ll receive a 10% commission on the initial sale (The customer must sign a 12-month contract and pay the full year upfront before commissions are paid). Payments will be made within 60 days of SATISFYD receiving payment from the customer.

To sign up for our Referral Partner Program or learn more, contact We look forward to working with you!