Every business owner will say without hesitation that their employees are their greatest asset. Happy employees are more productive, plus they will create better customer experiences. In fact, companies with happy and engaged employees report 89% greater customer satisfaction and 50% customer loyalty (Hay Group).

So, how do you create an environment where your employees are happy and know how much they are appreciated? Obviously, financial perks like bonuses and raises or extra PTO are always appreciated, but not always financially possible. Come have a seat at our Thanksgiving table for a few ideas on other ways you can show your employees how thankful you are for them.


Taking the time to personally thank an employee or to share a positive customer comment will build connections as well as recognize a job well done.

Hosting a party is a great way to celebrate your employees, but small events like weekly Taco Tuesdays or donuts on Friday are fun too.

An employee recognition program both motivates and thanks employees for going the extra mile. Small perks like a framed photo in the store or an adder that attaches to their badge can serve as a visual reminder of their achievements.

Making an investment in your employees by furthering their education or providing on-the-job training is a great way to say thank you.

Time gets away from all of us, so a regularly-scheduled personal checkin is a great way to make sure you stay connected to your employees. Planning time for coffee or lunch creates a more causal and conversational setting that builds bonds as wells as gives you a chance to offer personal thank yous.

Creating a comfortable and inviting employee break room with some comforts of home will make the workplace more enjoyable and show your employees that you care about them. Complimentary snacks and beverages will bolster your employees throughout the day as well as show them they are appreciated.

An intentional program yields the best results

In addition to taking steps to talk with your employees and improve their work space, the best way to stay connected is to give them the chance to provide feedback with data that you can use to measure and improve their experience. An anonymous and regularly-scheduled survey conducted by a third party is the best way to get to the truth of how your employees feel about working for you.

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