SATISFYD Top Dealer Award

Each year SATISFYD collects customer survey data on more than 1,000 dealers of top equipment manufacturers from across the United States, Canada, and Australia. The surveys collect honest, unbiased feedback about dealership sales, service, and parts department performance. Responses are delivered in real time, enabling dealer owners to see areas where their dealership excels as well as areas where their dealership falls short. SATISFYD uses the survey data to calculate a dealer benchmark for each industry. A Top Dealer Award is earned by any dealer group that provides exceptional customer experiences across the entire organization, and either meets or exceeds the customer experience benchmark for their industry.

What does it mean to be a Top Dealer?

A SATISFYD Top Dealer has demonstrated that they put their customers first. They listen to what their customers say, care about it, engage in a two-way dialogue and actively manage their issue resolution process. A SATISFYD Top Dealer also has the unique opportunity to see how their dealership stacks up relative to their competitors.

How do I become a Top Dealer?

To become a Top Dealer, you must be a SATISFYD partner with at least 50% of your dealer locations participating in a customer feedback solution. In addition, your dealer group must have received at least 50 survey responses within the year. Qualifying dealers become a Top Dealer by either meeting or exceeding the customer experience benchmark for their industry. Top Dealers are awarded annually.

Benefits of being a Top Dealer?

Trusted Dealer Status

When you share your Top Dealer achievement, your brand image elevates to that of an award-winning company with a laser focus on customer experience. Winning this award from a trusted, third-party source, reinforces your actions and position as an industry leader. Your existing customers will recognize you as a trusted dealer, and you will gain new customers based on your status, reputation and efforts.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Not only do your customers know how fantastic you are, your loyalty scores show it! Now your customers get to see how much their opinion matters to you. By saying “thank you” for their feedback, taking their suggestions to heart and making it easier for them to do business with your dealership, you get the opportunity to tighten that connection and build strong loyal relationships.

Want to be a Top Dealer? Let us tell you more.

Educate and Attract

When you earn a Top Dealer Award your employees will realize that not only does management think they are doing a good job, but so too does their customers and the industry as a whole. They see first-hand the efforts to exceed customer expectations have been worthwhile. This genuine and special recognition increases morale and will continue to motivate staff to stay on top. It will help attract new, high-quality talent that is motivated by focusing on what’s important – employee and customer experiences.

Increase Brand Awareness & Exposure

Being a Top Dealer gives you bragging rights! We will brag on your behalf by listing your dealer group in our Top Dealer Award Directory, and by sharing your status and achievements on our company blog, website, and social media. In addition, we will provide you with our SATISFYD Top Dealer Digital Award Bundle so you can brag too!

SATISFYD Top Dealers Digital Award Bundle

The Top Dealer Digital Award Bundle gives Top Dealers the resources to promote your status to your community and customers. The digital bundle includes website logo, certificate template, banner template, social media graphics, press release and more!