Great Customer Experiences Outlast Change

Customer Experiences Outlast Change

Dealers know all too well that their organization is in a continuous state of change. They work hard to make day-to-day improvements to their processes and grow through referrals from happy customers.  And as consolidation becomes a reality for a growing number of dealers in the heavy equipment industry, dealers face organizational changes that may or may not be within their control. What they do have control over is the quality of their work, the level of service they bring, and the relationships they build. Having loyal customers and employees is the key to whether the change and come out on top.

Creating loyalty starts with knowing your customer, understanding their needs, expectations, and level of satisfaction with your dealership.  Loyalty grows when you use this clear picture to manage processes and staff to meet or exceed customer expectations.  Given that customer needs change over time, loyalty strengthens when customers see their feedback turned into positive action.  Gauging your customer’s satisfaction and working to improve experiences on a consistent basis will keep customers returning to your door.

Ho-Bo Tractor Company is a leading dealer that measures, analyzes, and improves expectations for their customer experiences. SATISFYD honored their efforts by recognizing them as a 2018 Top Dealer Award winner and further distinguished them with a Certificate of Excellence for being in the Top 10. Ho-Bo Tractor is in the midst of an organizational change, and based on the promises of their customer base, we have no doubt they will come out on top.  You can read more about Ho-Bo Tractor’s plan to outlast big organization change in the Farm Equipment article Customer Service: Does it Really Matter by clicking here. In response to Farm Equipment’s question, “Does Customer Service Really Matter? SATISFYD can promise you, it does.

The direct impact of customer experience on dealer loyalty is highlighted in Farm Equipment’s 2017 Brand Loyalty survey.  “When dealers reflected on recent customer conversions, 41% of respondents mentioned the customer not being prioritized by the previous dealership as a key factor for the switch. These strained relationships can often be a gradual process over time, especially for expanding, multi-store operations that may lose sight of personal relationships in the process.” During mergers and acquisitions, leadership and staff are focused on numbers, organizational processes, and performance.  Those that commit attention each day to customer relationships and customer experience prevent customer defection.

Bain & Co. has found that 80% of companies say they deliver ‘superior’ customer service; however, only 8% of their customers describe what these same companies deliver as ‘superior’. Assuming you provide great customer service is no longer enough. A process is crucial to ensure results are matching expectations. Formally ask your customers for their feedback using surveys, phone calls, emails or site visits. Thank them for sharing their thoughts.  Work to resolve concerns and address issues right away. Share these improvements with the customer and thank them for helping your dealership improve.  Communicate employee contributions to improving customer satisfaction during dealership meetings. Include customer expectations as a key priority in strategic plans.

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