8 Ways to Use Customer Feedback to Promote Your Dealership

If you collect customer feedback, you understand the benefit of how diving into and understanding constructive insights can enhance your dealership’s internal processes. But have you thought about how you can use your customers’ positive feedback to highlight your dealership’s brand promise and help your dealership grow?

Customers are likely to spend 31% more on businesses with “excellent” reviews. (Invespcro, 2014)

If it’s a customer with whom you have a close relationship, ask if you can share their feedback on your website or in your marketing materials. If you have the opportunity, take a picture with your customer and share it along with the quote. If a naming your customer or a picture isn’t possible anonymous feedback can also be a very effective resource.

Here are some ways you can use some of your positive customer feedback today!

  1. Social Media– share a quote on social media- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. Website – Product or Service page, even create a page just for testimonials
  3. Print Marketing – for handouts or brochures
  4. Signage – both in-store posters and outside signage
  5. Blog Content/ Newsletter – communications with customers and potential customers
  6. Case Study – support the piece with real comments and feedback from customers
  7. Email Marketing – help sway decision making through email by incorporating a testimonial
  8. Advertisements – share a short clip of great feedback to draw attention

Scroll through some examples here! Click on a picture to enlarge.

A great way to encourage your employees to create excellent experiences and thereby gain more positive customer feedback is to tie customer experiences results to your employee incentive programs. Click here to read our eBook on How to Incorporate Customer Experiences Results in your Employee Incentive Program!

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