SATISFYD Announces 2022 Top Dealer Awards Recognizing Outstanding Performance

SATISFYD, a global leader in customer and employee excellence in the heavy equipment industries, today announced its 2022 Top Dealers in each of its three platforms. The prestigious SATISFYD Top Dealer Awards recognize dealers that exceed industry benchmarks for customer satisfaction, employee ratings and online review scores. SATISFYD partnered with nearly 1500 dealers to distribute, collect and analyze 500,000 surveys in 2021, helping retain an estimated $443 million in at-risk revenue as well as assisting customers with retaining top talent and improving online reputations. The surveys were conducted throughout the year using SATISFYD’s Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer solutions, while online reputation is managed through SATISFYD Reviews.

“Having a structured program to monitor and measure customer and employee satisfaction gives dealers the information they need to optimize and grow their business,” said Ryan Condon, founder and CEO of SATISFYD. “SATISFYD’s turnkey programs make it easy for companies to gather massive amounts of data on in-store experiences, but it is up to them to leverage the information they gain into continuously improving their business practices. The companies recognized as Top Dealers in each category excel at this, which is evidenced by their industry-leading scores.”

SATISFYD’s three engagement platforms provide streamlined approaches to continuously assessing customer and employee satisfaction. As a full partner that complements internal resources, SATISFYD conducts surveys and collects and analyzes key data associated with customer and employee experiences to advise dealership management on issues that arise and opportunities for improvement. Through structured re-surveying and measurement, SATISFYD is able to quantify the impact of these internal improvements to overall scores, and correlate the improved scores to a dealership’s sales performance. SATISFYD’s latest addition to its portfolio, SATISFYD Reviews, provides dealers with an easy way to monitor and manage their online reputation, an essential effort given that over 90% of buyers refer to online reviews before making a purchase.

“Many dealers sell the same high-quality products and equipment, so it’s the in-store and customer service experience that sets a dealership apart. When a dealership is attuned to its customers’ and employees’ experiences, it’s reflected in their approval scores and ultimately in their bottom line,” added Mr. Condon. “Congratulations to each of our winners for excelling in their customer and employee connections in 2021 from all of us at SATISFYD.”


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The top five dealers recognized for outstanding customer engagement are:

  1. S.H. Dayton Ltd.
  2. Neff Co.
  3. Van Wall Equipment (Formerly Brakke Implement, Inc.)
  4. Greenland Equipment Ltd.
  5. TIE: Hurst Farm Supply, Inc. / Greenline Service Corp.

The top five dealers recognized for outstanding employee engagement are:

  1. Service Agricole
  2. MM Weaver
  3. Livingston Machinery
  4. Quality Equipment
  5. 21st Century Equipment

The top five dealers recognized for outstanding online reviews are

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Cain Equipment
  3. Ag World Equipment
  4. North Star Hardware & Implement
  5. Farm Depot