SATISFYD and Berry Companies Announce Enterprise-Level Partnership

SATISFYD, a leader in customer and employee excellence in the equipment and services sector, today announced that Berry Companies is leveraging SATISFYD’s Voice of the Customer program across its eight divisions and 46 locations. After a successful program with Berry Companies’ dealer KC Bobcat that surveyed 6,200 customers in 2021, Berry Companies elected to extend the program to an enterprise-level effort in order to ensure optimal customer satisfaction across all locations. The 2021 program at KC Bobcat resulted in industry-leading NPS scores and a SATISFYD 2022 Top Dealer Award. SATISFYD and Berry Companies anticipate surveying more than 50,000 customers in 2022 as the VoC program is launched across all of Berry Companies’ dealerships.

“SATISFYD has such a deep knowledge of our industry and customer base that their programs are uniquely suited to our needs. Both the survey content and delivery methods are tailored to our target demographic, which enhances the return rate and quality of the data,” said Sean Buchanan, Senior Director of Marketing for Berry Companies. “The impact of such a program was more than apparent during KC Bobcat’s efforts in 2021, and directly aligns with our company mission to always keep our focus on taking care of our customers. The ability of SATISFYD to seamlessly scale to support all of our locations made our decision to extend our efforts an easy choice.”

SATISFYD’s Voice of the Customer is a turnkey customer survey and reporting solution that enables dealers to connect with their customers to monitor in-store experiences. SATISFYD manages survey design and distribution as well as data collection and analysis, notifying clients of issues that are raised in customer responses so that dealerships can address them in a timely manner. SATISFYD also provides dealership and enterprise-level summary data including analysis of trends and recommendations for business improvements.

“A company the size and complexity of Berry Companies will generate massive amounts of data through their customer engagement program. SATISFYD will collect, analyze, and report that data in whatever level of detail they need, from specific details on an individual transaction up through summary information for the full enterprise,” said Ryan Condon, Founder and CEO of SATISFYD. “We are thrilled when our customers experience the kind of positive impact Berry Companies has already, we look forward to delivering even better results as we ramp the program across their locations this year.”

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