Robust Dashboard Reporting Now Available from SATISFYD

AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 7, 2020 –  SATISFYD, a global leader in customer and employee excellence in the heavy equipment industries, today announced that it has launched an enhanced version of its online reporting system. SATISFYD customers can now see data collected from their customer efforts in a compact and easy-to-use dashboard. SATISFYD’s new system displays data in compelling heatmaps, bar charts and visuals, allowing immediate understanding of real-time reporting and trends over time. Customers are still able to sort and view data by date, location and any other custom-defined metric.

“Our robust, graphical dashboard makes it easy for our customers to see a quick visual reference of both current status and trends in customer satisfaction,” said Ryan Condon, founder and CEO of SATISFYD. “A thorough survey process generates an enormous amount of data. Creating this concise way to review responses and collected data is an important benefit that SATISFYD offers that will enable our customers to better respond to their customers as well as see how adjustments to their business practices improve customer satisfaction over time.”

SATISFYD’s Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee platforms power confidential, comprehensive and responsive mechanisms that measure customer and employee satisfaction and empowers dealers to identify areas that will support their commitment to excellence in the field. SATISFYD Reviews platform helps companies cultivate, monitor and manage their online reputation as well as leverage their positive customer reviews as powerful marketing tools.


SATISFYD is an expert in customer and employee experience processes in the heavy equipment industry. Over one thousand equipment dealers use SATISFYD’s solutions to help recognize, respond to and resolve issues identified by their customers, thus enabling them to improve customer satisfaction, retention and overall revenue.