Shu Lam

Operations Analyst

A Columbia College graduate, Shu Lam received his Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in photojournalism under the tutelage of John H. White, Pulitzer recipient of 1982. While attempting not to fall into the starving artist cliché, he leveraged his lifelong interest in technology which quickly led to a career in IT and data analytics.

Shu joined the Satisfyd team after over a decade of working in the educational publishing sector beginning with Feldman & Associates. At Feldmans, he led research and development for their core database and frontend systems, which brought about a number of innovations that both streamlined their workflow and added marketable value to their services. Notable clients during that time include Colonial Williamsburg, National Geographic, and Saudi Aramco.

After Feldmans, he joined the Data Integration team at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt where his primary role as a senior data analyst was in the analysis and ingestion of high stakes State/Commercial student test data and confidential roster data for numerous school districts across the United States. At HMH, he championed a number of initiatives that pushed standardization and automation in their workflows and applications that increased both efficiency and productivity.

Shu currently resides in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife, Vivian, and two children, Victor and Elise, where he loves to teach his children science and mathematics through application.