SATISFYD Enterprise

An advanced platform for Customer Experience Management at an Enterprise level

We are Global

SATISFYD Enterprise was founded on robust capabilities for collecting Voice of the Customer (VoC) data using multiple survey modalities and face-to-face interviews. SATISFYD’s Data Collection Group is focused on implementing global, multi-language, multi-mode data collection with active efforts in 70+ countries worldwide.

Our team ensures that you are maximizing value through optimal approaches, depending on client offering, response volume goals, country cultural requirements and changing country-specific privacy laws.


The SATISFYD Precog tool is a fully hosted, highly scalable customer experience platform that is currently supported in 31 languages and is accessible by 70,000 users worldwide.

Our approach provides our clients with zero internal infrastructure costs and an ever improving application, driven by user feedback.  Precog has been engineered to have the flexibility to be highly customized to your specific business need, existing terminology, data, workflows and requirements.  SATISFYD also retains a cross client consistency that allows for 10 software update releases per calendar year, driving improved client value.

For more information on SATISFYD Precog, click here. 

Customer Success Team

The SATISFYD Customer Success Team has evolved out of the belief that no two clients are the same.  Each client has very specific needs that can result in changes to data collection approaches, application enhancements and training.

Our people work directly with you to translate business goals into new and improved processes, application enhancements and stakeholder engagements. We do all this to ensure you achieve the level of customization that your program deserves and deliver value to internal and external users.

Over the years, SATISFYD has learned that three key stakeholders have unique needs for a Customer Experience Management solution.

  • Enterprise Marketing Stakeholders

    Request statistically valid data intended to guide the formation of key customer segments to propel the organization, grow revenues, enter new categories of business, etc.

  • Product Engineering Stakeholders

    Request data that can help design innovations and early problem detection and resolution. A key concern SATISFYD is able to assist with is fine tuning the timing of when feedback should be collected, as too early the equipment has not been used enough, while too late the changes are too expensive to make.

  • Sales and Service Stakeholders

    Request data about the dealer network to help maintain brand image and consistency. A key concern SATISFYD can help with is identifying opportunity areas to help dealer locations improve and better serve their customers.  The field team typically benefits from an informal feedback channel where customers can raise issues independent of the formal channel, for instance integrating call center data into our Issue Tracking system.

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