An online Customer Experience Management tool to help you identify and act on important customer feedback.

  • Dashboard

    Have an easy summary of new survey information along with a bulletin to inform you of program news and updates

  • Reports

    Easily be able to generate reports by  specific criteria and save searches. Use these for exporting into excel to create quick and simple sharing. Create reports based on department performance, survey answers, removed surveys and more.

  • Issue Tracking and Case Management

    Keep up-to-date records on detractor surveys  for at-risk customers and follow up with the progress your team has made to improve that specific customer’s experience

  • Survey Search and Review

    Have the ease of viewing your surveys and managing information on our SATISFYD application or via email.

The Online Tool

SATISFYD Precog is a fully hosted, highly scalable CEM platform that is supported in 33 languages and is accessible by 70,000 users.

Surveys Platforms

Surveys are customizable over several platforms, including email, paper, phone, and face-to-face.


SATISFYD Precog continually keeps you in the loop with automatic emails notifying you when new feedback, reports and customer issues are available.

SATISFYD Precog opens doors you never knew were there, take a look our solutions that get you there.