[toggle title=”How often will I receive survey results?”]Customer results are sent daily to allow you need to follow-up quickly.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How often do you mail surveys?”]We mail surveys on a weekly basis. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”Is this a long-standing process that can be trusted?”]SATISFYD Professional is a trusted process that is being utilized by 1,000+ dealers. The process has been operating for over 10 years.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Why would I pay for this process when I can just do it myself?”]Dealers have tried to replicate our process, but ultimately find that surveying is inconsistent, results are inconclusive, and the administration is time consuming. It’s like asking us to repair a tractor instead of running our seamless survey process. At SATISFYD, we believe that everyone should be doing what they do best.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Does your survey ask the right questions?”]Yes, with over 10 years of experience and the help of a senior data analyst, we have formulated the right survey questions.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How will this process help my dealership?”]Our survey is quick and concise, yet packed full of the critical questions that can help you make better business decisions for your dealership. For example, you may discover opportunities to improve parts availability, extend hours during the peak season, or reward employees on their excellent service.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Why do other dealers love your process?”]Please visit our Testimonials Page to find out why dealers are raving about our process.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What are the monthly fees? Are there setup fees?”]Please visit our Pricing Page for a detailed description of features and fees.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Is my Business System compatible with your process?”]We are currently compatible with JDIS/EQUIP, DIS, NDS, EBS, RIMMS, ADP, Charter, PFW. If you do not see your business system listed, please contact us. We are continually adding to our list. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”Are there reporting options?”]Yes, SATISFYD Professional offers packages that include insightful Quarterly Reports. [/toggle]