SATISFYD Launches Referral Partner Program

AUSTIN, Texas – June 11, 2019 –  SATISFYD, a global leader in customer and employee excellence in the heavy equipment industries, today launched its Referral Partner Program (RPP), which is a peer referral program designed to extend the benefits of SATISFYD’s extensive customer and employee communications capabilities across an industry or market segment. Referring individuals earn a commission of 10% of the total account sale, and can refer colleagues or customers for any of SATISFYD’s employee or customer survey products.

“Our customers know their industry and can identify companies that are a good fit for SATISFYD’s products,” said Ryan Condon, founder and chief executive officer of SATISFYD. “We are pleased to offer this referral program to help thank our customers for recommending our services and connecting their peers with us.”

SATISFYD’s Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee platforms power confidential, comprehensive and responsive mechanisms that measure customer and employee satisfaction and empowers dealers to identify areas that will support their commitment to excellence in the field

SATISFYD is an expert in customer and employee experience processes in the heavy equipment industry. Over one thousand equipment dealers use SATISFYD’s solutions to help recognize, respond to and resolve issues identified by their customers, thus enabling them to improve customer satisfaction, retention and overall revenue.