SATISFYD Announces 2021 Top Dealer Awards Recognizing Outstanding Performance

[Austin, TX] SATISFYD, a global leader in customer and employee excellence in the heavy equipment industries, recognized 50 global dealerships with the 2021 Top Dealer Award for exceptional performance in customer satisfaction and employee engagement. SATISFYD’s Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee platforms power confidential, comprehensive and responsive mechanisms that measure customer and employee satisfaction and empowers dealers to identify areas that will support their commitment to excellence in the field. 

“2020 was an unprecedented year, it demanded that our dealers be responsive and adapt to issues they have never had to deal with largely fueled by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This recognition celebrates these dealers’ commitment to excellence in a truly unique set of circumstances; it has been an inspiration to see the positive impact shared by customers and employees of these forward-thinking organizations” said Ryan Condon, CEO and Founder of SATISFYD.

Every year SATISFYD receives thousands of surveys from equipment dealer’s customers and employees which are then graded for actionable recommendations to deliver excellence in both customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Using the data dealers are able to reward outstanding performance while addressing any areas of weakness to create a proactive feedback loop. Dealers that receive this recognition are performing at the highest levels in the industry in either or both areas of their business. As the industry continues to grow and transform, understanding needs of both customers and employees positions them for not only recognition but increased sales and customer loyalty.

“We congratulate these dealers for staying focused on customer satisfaction and employee engagement in the most trying of circumstances, it says so much about not only the values of the business but the values of the team that are an intrinsic part of the business” added Condon.

The top ten dealerships recognized for excellence in Customer Experience are:

  1. Tennessee Tractor Irrigation, Llc,
  2. Greenland Equipment Ltd,
  3. Greenline Service Corp, 
  4. S.H. Dayton Ltd, 
  5. Coastal Equipment Corp.,
  6. Midland Tractor Company,
  7. Neff Co.,
  8. Phillips Equipment Corp.,
  9. Brakke Imp., Inc. and
  10. Hurst Farm Supply, Inc. 

The top ten dealerships recognized for excellence in Employee Engagement are:

  1. Agri-Service
  2. Hanlon Ag
  3. Heritage Tractor
  4. HJV Equipment
  5. Les Équipements Colpron
  6. Livingston Machinery
  7. Maple Lane Farm
  8. Owens & Sweitzer Equipment
  9. Pentagon Farm
  10. Robbins Equipment.

The complete list of SATISFYD Top Dealers can be found here.



SATISFYD is an expert in customer and employee experience processes in the heavy equipment industry. Over one thousand equipment dealers use SATISFYD’s solutions to help recognize, respond to and resolve issues identified by their customers, thus enabling them to improve customer satisfaction, retention and overall revenue.