SATISFYD Announces Launch of 2.0 for Professional Solution

SATISFYD Announces Launch of 2.0 for Professional Solution

Newly upgraded dealer empowerment tool takes customer experience management to the next level.

Naperville, IL, September 21, 2010 – SATISFYD (formerly Strategic Feedback Inc) announces the launch of SATISFYD 2.0 to dealers currently enrolled in its Professional Solution.  Designed to enhance the dealer-focused customer experience program, 2.0 provides greater functionality without sacrificing simplicity.

Built on the success of SATISFYD 1.0, the upgraded 2.0 version is a web-based application that delivers even easier survey searching, tracking, and analysis. 2.0 still conveniently displays and reports customer experience feedback on-demand.  And its design now aligns with the look and feel of other widely used applications, so it’s simpler to use.

“This should be an easy transition for our dealers,” says Ryan Condon, SATISFYD President and CEO.  “Although the application does have a great new look, the majority of the changes are actually behind the scenes to allow for greater growth and future enhancements.  Dealers will be able to log in and review customer information without a big learning curve.  In today’s competitive market no one can afford downtime, especially when resolving customer issues.”

The SATISFYD Professional Solution gathers and reports customer experience information for Parts, Service, Sales, and Rental transactions. To spare dealers the time and labor required to compile meaningful data, SATISFYD handles the entire survey process.  Then through the database-driven 2.0 application, dealers can quickly pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and see how they compare to other dealers in their network.

About Strategic Feedback Inc. and SATISFYD

Opening in 1998 as Strategic Feedback Inc (SFI), SATISFYD provides solutions to large manufacturers and their dealers for tracking, analyzing and improving the customer experience.  Through a targeted survey process and database driven web application, companies access feedback from customers on demand to learn about issues quickly and prioritize them for efficient resolution.  SATISFYD is based in Naperville, Illinois.