Mystery Shop

SATISFYD’s Mystery Shop program evaluates the consistency of the customer experience across multiple locations to provide both a baseline of current day-to-day performance and actionable location-specific feedback for employee training.

Using anonymous industry-experienced shoppers, Mystery Shop benchmarks real-life experiences at your location against best-in-class standards, and pinpoints areas for improvement.

SATISFYD’S approach delivers better accuracy because it automatically combines the multiple streams of customer and employee insights that drive effective goal setting and organizational improvement. Our continuous measurement process drives consistent delivery.

By aligning your organization with clearly defined practices, Mystery Shop is an invaluable tool for elevating and sustaining the ultimate customer experience.

Program Design

Mystery Shoppers call or visit your locations and report their  experiences. We then evaluate each location against a specific checklist of key  areas.

  • Setup

    Select the participating locations and determine the number of mystery shops per location per month.

  • Execution

    Shops are conducted during normal business hours. Onsite shops cover look & feel as well as business process assessment, while phone shops focus on business process.

  • Reports

    Results of the completed mystery shops are available within 5 business days. SATISFYD will work with you to define action steps for organizational improvement based on your results.