Jim Facente

President Creative Sales Solutions (CSS)

Jim Facente is president and founder of Creative Sales Solutions (CSS). Facente is a former dealer principal. He owned industrial equipment dealerships in south Florida for more than 20 years.

CSS is a customer experience training company that works with dealerships and their employees to develop guidelines to ensure excellence in providing a complete customer experience. CSS has called, recorded and evaluated more than 2,500 dealership employees throughout North America.

While reviewing employee evaluations, CSS discovered top industry professionals do much more to provide an exceptional customer experience than just being polite and courteous to customers. CSS learned top performers engage in solving customer problems and use distinctive techniques to provide an exceptional customer experience that creates customer loyalty, reduces price sensitivity and drives revenue growth.

Facente has conducted customer experience training for hundreds of equipment dealers and dozens of international companies where he shares the secrets of the equipment industry’s top performers.

Facente earned an MBA from the University of Miami and served 20 years as a part-time professor at Barry and Embry Riddle Universities in south Florida. He taught sales, marketing and sales management at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

For More Information:
E: jim@css12.com P: 954-385-0539