Mapping the Customer Journey in your Dealership

Wednesday, April 19th at 11 AM PT/ 1 PM CT

You read your surveys daily and check your scores monthly. You follow up on issues and make adjustments to improve. On paper, things look great, but to be a top dealer you need to do more. The key to improving customer experience and gaining opportunities lies in understanding your customers’ entire experience with your dealership. A customer journey map shows your customers’ experience from start to finish and across all departments. And more than the transaction and information flow, it shows the key to increasing loyalty and driving growth at your dealership.

Join Emilie Spalla, Vice President at SATISFYD, for an information-filled webinar on how a customer experience journey map can help you identify opportunities, find solutions and make changes to improve your customers’ experience. You will learn journey mapping best practices, including:

  • Why journey maps are important and how they are used
  • How to identify key touchpoints that affect customer loyalty
  • How to prepare your dealership to build their customers’ journey map
  • How to create your customers’ journey map
  • Implementing lessons learned

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