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SATISFYD Announces Launch of 2.0 for Professional Solution

Newly upgraded dealer empowerment tool takes customer experience management to the next level

Naperville, IL, September 21, 2010 – SATISFYD (formerly Strategic Feedback Inc) announces the launch of SATISFYD 2.0 to dealers currently enrolled in its Professional Solution. Designed to enhance the dealer-focused customer experience program, 2.0 provides greater functionality without sacrificing simplicity.

Slideshow One – Uncovering Potential

[slide_description_bold button_link=http://www.satisfyd.com/pricing button_text=”Sign Up Now”] Uncovering Your Potential Join the 1000+ dealers who are making better business decisions based on customer feedback. [/slide_description_bold] [slide_pic_small] [/slide_pic_small]

Slideshow Two – Empowering Dealers

[slide_description_bold button_link=http://www.satisfyd.com/uncovering-your-potential button_text=”Watch Now”] Empowering Dealers Do you know what your customers are saying?        We do. [/slide_description_bold] [slide_pic_small] [/slide_pic_small]

Slide Show Three – Changing Business

[slide_description_bold button_link=http://www.satisfyd.com/resources/testimonials/ button_text=”Learn More”] Changing the Way You Do Business Find out why dealers are raving about our full-service solutions. [/slide_description_bold] [slide_pic_small][/slide_pic_small]