Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I receive survey results?

Customer results are updated daily to support immediate follow-up.

How often do you mail surveys?

Surveys are mailed on a weekly basis.

Is this a long-standing process that can be trusted?

SATISFYD is a trusted process that is being utilized by 1,000+ dealers and manufacturers around the world in 70 countries and 40 different languages. The process has been operating for over 16 years.

Why would I pay for this process when I can just do it myself?

Dealers have tried to replicate our process, but ultimately find that surveying is inconsistent, results are inconclusive, and the administration is time consuming. Customers prefer answering a third party vendor survey versus a suvey from people that they do business within the dealer.

Does your survey ask the right questions?

Yes, with over 20 years of experience and the help of a senior data analyst, we have formulated the survey questions that drive the highest results.

How will this process help my dealership?

Surveys are a proven method of improving customer retention. Studies have proven that a single lost customer can cost your dealership over $2 million dollars over the customer‘s lifecycle of purchases. Surveys support business decisions that result in a high-quality customer experience.

Is my Business System compatible with your process?

We are currently compatible with CDK, JDIS/EQUIP, DIS, NDS, EBS, RIMMS, ADP, Charter, PFW, and more. If you do not see your business system listed, please contact We are continually adding to our list.

Are there reporting options?

Yes, SATISFYD Professional offers packages that include insightful quarterly reports.

How are the retail customers surveyed?

The SATISFYD application has a survey selection logic that generates surveys. All you need to do is update the system with new customer names and contact information.

How can I check my customer survey score?

The SATISFYD application will provide a report dashboard that will provide easy viewing of survey score results.

When do the customers receive the surveys?

Typically, surveys are received within 10 days of their purchase or dealer visits for paper surveys.

How can I enroll in a guaranteed survey?

By contacting SATISFYD sales representative at

What is a guaranteed Survey?

A guaranteed survey is a guaranteed number of surveys responses. SATISFYD will deploy our call center to conducted surveys by telephone. The phone survey process increases response rates significantly therefore, we can guarantee your required number of survey requests.