Ambassador Program


  • Common Definition of Ambassador:

    An accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country

  • What is a SATISFYD ambassador?

    Take the next step to building a global infrastructure to support SATISFYD’s capabilities to deliver high quality services in foreign countries

    Establish a data base of regulatory requirements for customer data collection (i.e., paper surveys, phone interviews, electronic data)

    Integrate best in class customer experience techniques, through in country associations and trade groups, in order to meet unique cultural aspects

What can you expect from your Ambassador?

  • Assist customers  in research and confirmation of in country regulatory issues for customer data collection, privacy laws and process related to customer surveying

  • Provide subject matter expertise and technical support for building a customized CE (Customer Experience) Program

  • Consultation on CE strategies and employee skills training

  • Assist in language specific and culture based survey design

  • Facilitate your program requirements and implementation within the SATISFYD corporate team