A Strategic Startup

When Leigh and Ryan Condon created Strategic Feedback (SFI) in 1998, they had one client – a Fortune 500 agricultural equipment manufacturer. By offering an effective enterprise-level Customer Experience Management (CEM) program, they helped the client and its dealers stay on top of customer issues until they were resolved.

Based on their success, Leigh and Ryan created a second process designed solely for dealers who wanted to measure their performance in parts and service. Things were starting to cook.

Ryan added some essential process automation that quickly and fundamentally changed the face of the business. Surveys would no longer be printed in the dining room. It was time for an office and staff.


As Leigh and Ryan took on more clients, they took the business to the next level.  They engineered a unique new survey process. This database-driven web application gave clients the ability to view their survey results on-demand across the enterprise. Clients loved it.  SATISFYD (Enterprise) was born.

The client list grew, and so did SFI’s reputation for successful CEM. Using the same tools, SFI created a database-driven parts and service application. Designed to provide dealers across the country with feedback from their customers, it was aptly named SATISFYD (Professional).


Today, Ryan Condon continues to lead with the same grit that his dad did when they started the company a dozen years ago. The insights he gets from clients, staff and industry fuel his vision of innovation and improvement for the benefit of manufacturers and dealers everywhere.